Problem Definition – Lessons from the Music Industry

Bernard Garrette, Corey Phelps and Olivier Sibony have written a must-read how-to guide on solving complex problems. The book, Cracked It! - How to Solve Big Problems and Sell Solutions Like Top Strategy Consultants, presents an easy-to-follow and powerful process called the 4S model (State-Structure-Solve-Sell) that managers can use to solve problems that are non routine and [...]

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Top 15 CEO Quotes Related to Finding a Higher Corporate Purpose

Dan Pontefract, author of "Open to Think", "The Purpose Effect" and "Flat Army" and an Adjunct Professor at Victoria University, has written a Forbes blog that quotes 15 CEOs who he believes "are operating (or have operated) their organizations with a higher sense of purpose".  Pontefract writes, "My work has led me to believe both [...]

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Emotional Agility in the Workplace

Dr. Susan David has written a book that everyone must read. The book, Emotional Agility, expertly describes how all of us get stuck in our own brains and become dragged down by our own internal false narratives. It is the rare person who takes time to examine his/her life and understand the impact that past events [...]

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Timing, Life & Project Management

Bestselling author Dan Pink has written a compelling book, When - The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. Pink's premise is that deciding when to do things is as important as how to do them. There are many 'how to' books on bookstore shelves but no 'when to' books. Pink has addressed this. With regards to managing [...]

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Extreme Ownership – Lessons From the Navy SEALs About Accountability

Navy SEALS Jocko Willink and Leif Babin have written a gripping book, Extreme Ownership - How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win". The book's overall premise is that a true leader takes full responsibility for team results - even if the results point to failure. The authors are successful at translating leadership lessons from the battlefield [...]

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Trust, Purpose & Company Value

Paul Zak, founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics, has written a must-read book, The Trust Factor - The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies. Zak uses his lab's brain research to delve into the foundation of the success of any organization - high trust and having a transcendent purpose. The author ties his research into company [...]

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Inspiring Mission Statements

Mary Legakis Engel, in the 2018 Winter edition of Leader to Leader magazine, has written a compelling article titled, "Crafting the Ideal Mission Statement for Your Organization". Engel refers to "outwardly focused" mission statements that "create a sense of contribution - that something good is being done for the world". These contrast with internally focused mission [...]

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The Mind-Body Connection and Stress

Dr. John Sarnos has written a game changing book, Healing Back Pain - The Mind-Body Connection, that has important lessons related to leadership, coping with change and stress management. The book details Dr. Sarnos' incredible success in helping thousands of his patients overcome debilitating back pain issues based on a mind-based approach (instead of treating physical [...]

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Empowerment, Belonging & Openness to New Ideas

Dr. Sunnie Giles has recently published the results of her research study in the Harvard Business Review. Dr. Giles' research included 195 leaders in 15 countries involving 30 organizations. The study asked participants to rank 174 leadership competencies from 1-174. The Top Ten highest ranked leadership competencies are: Has high ethical and moral standards (67% [...]

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Organizational Resiliency: Leadership Lessons from the San Diego Zoo

Sandy Asch and Tim Mulligan have written a compelling book, ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way. A summary of the book was included in the Winter 2017 edition of Leader to Leader magazine. The authors define resilience as "the ability of employees to respond effectively to the demands and pressures of [...]

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