Organizational Resiliency: Leadership Lessons from the San Diego Zoo

Sandy Asch and Tim Mulligan have written a compelling book, ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World-Famous San Diego Zoo Way. A summary of the book was included in the Winter 2017 edition of Leader to Leader magazine. The authors define resilience as "the ability of employees to respond effectively to the demands and pressures of [...]

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Promoting Employees’ Autonomy

Edward Deci's classic book, Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation, presents a convincing case that the best way to motivate people is to support their sense of autonomy. From a manager's perspective, motivating an employee means explaining why a task is important and then giving him/her personal freedom - resulting in enhanced employee commitment.What [...]

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Unconscious Bias & The Brain

Consultant Garo Reisyan has written a must-read article in the Spring 2017 issue of Leader to Leader. He makes a strong argument that suggests that an imperative to becoming an effective leader is to understand the basic functioning of the human brain. This is lacking in the vast majority of leadership development programs and is likely [...]

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How Your Brain Rewires Itself

Dr. Loretta Breuning, in her excellent book Habits of a Happy Brain, offers us insight into how the human brain rewires itself. Changing old habits requires that you create new experiences in your life that you practice regularly. Dr. Breuning recommends a 45-day regime of practicing a new routine in order to embed it into your brain. [...]

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Reflections on Your Emotional Style

Dr. Richard Davidson and Sharon Begley have written a must-read book that debunks the myth that emotions are fluff with no scientific underpinning. Quite the contrary, the authors, through rigorous scientific research, have concluded that emotions are "central to the function of the brain and to the life of the mind". Davidson and Begley have [...]

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What Makes Our Brains Uniquely Human?

Dr. Emeran Mayer has written a thought-proving book, The Mind-Gut Connection, that explores the deep connection between the gut (digestive system) and the brain. Dr. Mayer has done a superb job in explaining exactly what "gut feelings" are and the fact that they are not mysterious psychological phenomena that reside within our brains. In fact, Dr. [...]

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Adapting Proactively & Dealing With Failure

Elena Botelho, Stephen Kincaid and Dina Wang, principals at ghSmart, have written a compelling article in the May-June edition of The Harvard Business Review titled, "What Sets Successful CEOs Apart". The article outlines 4 important CEO behaviors, including one called "Adapting Proactively". Their research indicates that a successful CEO is able to rapidly adapt to the [...]

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It All Boils Down to People

For the past couple of decades I've been working with a brilliant process called Simplexity Innovative Thinking. Simplexity is the brainchild of Dr.  Min Basdaur, a colleague who has been helping individuals, teams and entire organizations around the world identify and prioritize their real problems, find innovative ideas to address the problems and develop plans [...]

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Using Knowledge of the Brain to Connect with Others

There are many assessment tools available in the marketplace designed to measure our personality traits. One of the best known of these is Myers-Briggs that measures personality traits based on the following scales: extroversion versus introversion, intuitive versus sensing, thinking versus feeling and judging versus perceiving behaviors. The problem with assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs, [...]

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Happiness & Your Brain

Author Shawn Achor has written a fascinating book, The Happiness Advantage, that argues that success is the result of happiness and not vice-versa. Achor presents us with seven principles that demonstrate how we can leverage the Happiness Advantage to improve our productivity and maximize our potential. What is most interesting about Achor's book is that it [...]

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