Learn the Latest About Your Brain and Your Business



Using the Brain to Enhance Leadership Effectiveness

Emerging knowledge of the brain has resulted in essential information that is transforming how we develop leaders. It turns out that teaching managers and nonsupervisory employees how their brains work is very important in allowing them to take control over their mental processes. Neuroresearch further confirms that each employee’s ability to pay attention and focus is the most important modern day skill related to productivity.

This cutting edge, one-of-a-kind pioneering “The Mindful Leader“ leadership program consists of eight one-day modules (spaced out over several months) that combine the latest from the emerging field of NeuroLeadership with practical Mindfulness training. Each workshop presents:4b

  • Vital information and practical tools related to the brain from a business perspective focused on challenging current leadership practices and work cultures with
  • Mindfulness training with a proven process that will allow participants to better pay attention and focus

The benefits of this program are producing more effective leaders who better understand how to:

  • Motivate their employees based on the true nature of the social and emotional brain
  • Increase the productivity of their employees by enhancing their ability to pay attention and focus
  • Overcome inevitable resistance to change by understanding why the brain resists change
  • Improve the health of employees while reducing stress levels via Mindfulness training
  • Increase employees’ ability to innovate by better understanding the innovative and visual brain
  • Free employees from habitual thought patterns via a better comprehension of the organizing principle of the brain combined with Mindfulness training

The “The Mindful Leader“program will be facilitated by:

  • Robert Paris, the founder and President of Myelin Leadership International, who is a pioneer in applying fundamental principles of neuroscience to management and leadership and one of only a handful of professionals in Canada with a Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership and who is a widely-acclaimed expert in leadership development, and
  • Bhaskar Goswami, the founder of BODHI, who is a sought-after speaker and who has been teaching mindfulness practices in companies for over 16 years and who is a multiple award winning ‘yogipreneur’ and international teacher