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Speaking Gigs

Robert Paris is a dynamic, engaging and professional speaker who has become a pioneer in applying research-based knowledge about the brain to managing and leading others. Robert has hosted webinars on the topic and has spoken publicly at industry conferences, corporate annual meetings and company events. His inspiring speaking style combined with much interest in the field of neuroleadership has inspired corporate executives, teachers and students, lawyers, Commonwealth Parliamentarians, government officials and nonprofit leaders over the past few years. A sample of his webinars and speaking engagements is listed below. Contact Robert to investigate how he can add vitality and inspiration by speaking at your organization’s next special event or company retreat.

10/17 McCarthy Tétrault – Annual Partners’ Meeting “Igniting Your Brain to Become a Better Leader: The Neuroscience of Decision-Making and Implementing Action Plans”
05/17 Young Presidents’ Organization “Training the Work Brain for Leadership Success: Applying Knowledge of the Brain to Enhance Your Thinking & Leadership Abilities”
05/17 McGill University British Commonwealth Parliamentarians – “Contemporary Issues in Parliamentary Governance – Authentic Leadership”
10/16 Project Management Institute “2016 Symposium – “The Brain & Leadership – How to Maximize Your Team’s Real Potential”
09/15 Niagara Institute Webinar – “Harnessing Your Brain’s Resources to Become a Great Leader”
03/15 McGill University Coventry University UK students – “Introduction to NeuroLeadership”
06/14 McGill University Workshop – “Neuroscience & Engaging Employees”
11/13 McGill University Webinar – “Enhancing the Power of Your Brain to Achieve Business Success”