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Myelin Leadership has achieved concrete results for its clients in the areas of coaching, team-building, innovation and leadership development, including:

Phi Group– As trusted advisor for the company’s President for the past 10 years, Myelin Leadership has helped establish the company as an internationally known creative force in music, film, new media and the arts. Myelin Leadership designed and facilitated a multi-module, cutting edge leadership development program supplemented by individual managerial coaching sessions. This initiative has played a key role in transforming the company’s culture to one based on trust, collaboration and high performing teams.

Cirque du Soleil– Designed and facilitated the company’s original leadership development program that was innovative and highly creative – fitting in with Cirque’s very unique culture. The program and associated coaching services were delivered internationally to managers on five continents – receiving excellent reviews and helping contribute to the company’s tremendous growth.

Hitek Logistic – Trusted advisor to the organization’s President and Founder and senior management team. This has helped contribute to Hitek’s ranking as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada for the past three years. Designed and facilitated a leadership and management skills program that has been instrumental in the development of a young, tightly-knit management who is better equipped to handle rapid growth.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – Designed and facilitated a pioneering, cutting-edge brain-based leadership development module that has been integrated into an ongoing McGill University leadership training program. This module has received accolades from participants for its ability to promote authentic dialogue and change deeply ingrained perspectives. This program has been extended to several groups of the organization’s managers.

IMS Health Canada – Designed and facilitated two comprehensive multi-module leadership development programs – one oriented to managers and one focused on nonsupervisory employees. The programs and coaching services reduced employee turnover while helping IMS become a Top Employer of Choice.

Xstrata Nickel– Worked with the CEO and Executive team to re-structure the company and management team during the recession of 2008. Public feedback from the CEO indicated that this was an essential element in helping Xstrata Nickel weather the storm. Designed and facilitated the company’s first two Global Leadership Forums – with very innovative programs that were highly acclaimed by the company’s high potential managers.

Fednav Canada – Have become a trusted advisor to the company’s Manager of Employee Development in providing coaching services and out-of-the-box workshops for one of the company’s Divisions.

Robert Paris is a certified trainer for Basadur Applied Creativity, a strategic partner, that has a long and significant list of accomplishments, such as generating for Frito-Lay $500 million dollars in cost improvements and for Procter & Gamble $400 million in cost improvements.

Robert Paris is a certified trainer and collaborates with Herrmann International that has worked with over 70% of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Target, and Xerox.