Learn the Latest About Your Brain and Your Business


Lasting behavior change is impossible without re-wiring your brain

It is a fact that organizations waste billions of dollars every year on training and coaching programs designed to effectuate behavior changes in the workplace. They are doomed to fail because they don’t engage in processes that involve re-wiring the brain – making lasting behavioral change impossible.

At Myelin Leadership, our brain-based coaching, leadership development and innovation programs achieve long-lasting results because they focus on building new brain wiring that is essential to achieve sustainable behavior change. Our proven, powerful five step process includes:

  1. Educating program participants how their brains work (essential in understanding what drives one’s behavior as well the behaviors of others).
  2. Encouraging participants to tell their life stories using tools that “light up” both the emotional and rational parts of their brains. This process is fun and invigorating and does not use psychology. This step is necessary to identify past events that were traumatic that become embedded in the brain without the person being aware of it and yet that drive that person’s behavior.
  3. Helping participants make links between these traumatic events and negative behaviors in the workplace.
  4. Writing a script that recognizes each person’s ‘defective’ brain wiring while affirming each person’s strength, value, accomplishments, mental fortitude, success, optimism and courage.
  5. Repeating this script every day – at least twice a day – for a minimum of 60 days.

When incorporated into individual coaching, team-building, leadership development training and innovation initiatives the results are spectacular and lasting for a lifetime!