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Penny Mancuso

Past President, Phi Group

The Phi Centre engaged Robert to conduct a series of workshops and trainings based on his Executive Coaching/ Leadership programs. Our key Directors and department managers have participated in this year long program – (often one full day or one half day per month but it has been pretty flexible). This has led to increased productivity, a shared focus and vision and a very high morale at Phi.

In Robert’s leadership development program for my directors and staff, what I noticed the most in those sessions was the real forming of a team. I noticed that the language started getting common amongst us and, in understanding each other – our workstyles and our preferences – we were able to be more tolerant, generous and more open with each other, because we had been trained and understood the psychology of how people function. That really helped our team a lot.


Richard Cote

Founder, President & CEO Hitek Logistic Inc.

Robert comes from live work experience. He is passionate about neuroscience and he’s very good and excels at it. Not a lot of people in this world like Robert Paris understand and have the capabilities of bringing business and emotions together to produce concrete business results.

Robert has designed and facilitated a management development program that has been very well received by Hitek’s managers. He has been successful at gaining their trust and helping them grow professionally. Robert is ahead of the curve with respect to twenty-first century management and leadership techniques, which have been successfully integrated into Hitek’s daily operations. All in all, I highly recommend Robert as a first class coach, advisor and trainer.

Marc Deegan

Vice-President & General Manager

We really feel our differentiator is our people and Robert comes in and gets that and he’s able to move us as a company and as individuals…We want to have a lineup of potential employees wanting to work at Hitek and Robert has been a key catalyst in helping us achieve that.


Christine Mack

Director, People & Culture

Robert helps people to unlearn what it is they have learned. That’s one of the fundamentals of the science of neuroleadership – you are what you think and just because you thought that way for so many years because you’ve been programmed to as a child.  That doesn’t mean that those thoughts can serve you going forward as an adult and in a professional setting. He did some work with some of the leaders in our organization and it’s uncanny how Robert helps them shift their thinking in ways that no longer serve them. His ability to shift their thinking in ways that serve them in very meaningful ways is powerful. Unlearning behaviors that no longer serve them is very powerful that I’ve yet to see compared to other coaches.

I highly recommend Robert to anyone wanting a professional and engaging coach and innovative leadership development program designer and facilitator.


Adrian Gagiu

Assistant Vice-President PMO & Systems, RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada

Robert has been my coach for three years and has been instrumental in helping me advance in my career. Robert’s coaching style and process have helped me understand my development opportunities and have been instrumental in helping me grow to become a well-rounded, confident and effective leader within the company. Robert has strong knowledge of the human brain and uses related coaching tools and processes that have helped me strengthen my mental processes and approaches to other people. Robert has encouraged and helped me identify how my strengths can contribute to the future success of the company, which has strongly motivated me. Robert has an excellent business mind and has shown strong commitment in helping me grow in my career.


Sylvie Geneau

Director, Planning & Development/Assistant Vice President Casting & Performance, Cirque du Soleil

After your personal one-on-one Points of You™ coaching intervention with me I was hooked and immediately realized that you were on to something that was fresh, innovative and game-changing. Points of You™’s use of evocative photos and inspiring stories and quotes seemed to awaken my entire brain and, in so doing, enabled me to clarify my issue and see a broader range of perspectives related to this issue.

It is clear that Points of You™ brings life and authenticity to coaching, team development, innovation, training and other company processes and I really appreciate you introducing me and the Cirque du Soleil to a tool that represents an advance in how employees connect with themselves and each other.


Marjolaine Rompre

Director, Learning for Development, L’Oreal Canada

Points of You™ is a significant advance in professional coaching. For individual coaching interventions, the elements of Points of You promote authentic dialogue and help the person being coached better identify, understand and resolve his/her real issues. Of equal importance, because the Points of You™ photos and stories helped each coachee open up and tell his/her real stories, I felt that a level of trust was established in a very fast timeframe. No other coaching tool has such an impact in such a short period of time.

I also used Points of You™ in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other, identifying various team dysfunctions and vowing to overcome them. I see Points of You™ being used in interviewing and recruitment, job reviews, conflict resolution and diversity training – because all these management areas must be based on a foundation of authenticity and trust.

Thanks for introducing Points of You™ to L’Oréal.

Camille Estephan

Owner + Founder, Founder, Manulife Dorval Office

Our office has maintained its #1 ranking for 16 consecutive years. A large part of this is due to Robert. We’ve been working together for over a decade and he’s contributed tremendously in coaching and transforming rookies to become top brokers.

Eliot Ahdoot

Part Owner & Vice-President

What Robert’s neuroleadership program has allowed us to do is create a very big wave of energy and positivity towards the company and people are very excited to see the next steps in our evolution.

Cummings Centre

Lynn Gordon

Director, Volunteer Services

We need Robert. He is an integral thread for us and has been over the years and this has been a big part of our success in having our leaders reach their goals, grow and remain with us over the years. The same people that Robert trained in 2006 are still our leaders now. Why – Robert understands us – he gets us.