Daring Leadership

Brené Brown has written a seminal book on leadership, Dare to Lead. Brown defines a leader as "anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and who has the courage to develop that potential". Brown understands that being a leader requires great courage as it involves being vulnerable and throwing away the [...]

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Awareness Training for Your Brain

Rasmus Hougaard has written an excellent book, One Second: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness. Hougaard believes that we all have the ability to control our own minds rather than have our minds control us. His book focuses on practical uses of mindfulness training in the workplace. The key is to train yourself in [...]

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Stimulating Your Brain to Change

Dr. David Hanscom has written a must-read book, Back in Control. The book focuses on chronic pain of both a physical and emotional nature. Dr. Hanscom uses neurophysiological research to help sufferers of chronic pain better understand and overcome this devastating problem. A key chapter in Back in Control focuses on the concept of neuroplasticity [...]

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Using Knowledge of the Brain to Connect with Others

There are many assessment tools available in the marketplace designed to measure our personality traits. One of the best known of these is Myers-Briggs that measures personality traits based on the following scales: extroversion versus introversion, intuitive versus sensing, thinking versus feeling and judging versus perceiving behaviors. The problem with assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs, [...]

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Happiness & Your Brain

Author Shawn Achor has written a fascinating book, The Happiness Advantage, that argues that success is the result of happiness and not vice-versa. Achor presents us with seven principles that demonstrate how we can leverage the Happiness Advantage to improve our productivity and maximize our potential. What is most interesting about Achor's book is that it [...]

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The Secret Sauce of Selling – Frame Stacking

Oren Klaff, author of the exciting book Pitch Anything, writes about the science behind creating and presenting a great sales pitch. Not just another book on selling, Pitch Anything describes how the brain makes decisions and responds to pitches. Klaff's book is an important contribution to understanding how to make successful sales pitches. The last part of the [...]

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Storytelling, Emotions & Profits

One of the most important contributions of the emerging field of neuroleadership is to inform us that our brains are highly emotional. When a new stimulus is introduced into our environment, it is the emotional brain that clicks on first to determine if the new stimulus represents a threat. If the threat is real, "fight [...]

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Increasing Your Productivity

Charles Duhigg, acclaimed author of The Power of Habit, has written another very useful book, Smarter Faster Better. Duhigg's research, based on neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics, reveals that there are eight core concepts that are the secret to increasing your own productivity as well as that of your team. The eight concepts are: 1.To Generate Motivation [...]

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