Learn the Latest About Your Brain and Your Business



Training the Brain to Better Grow Your Business By Building Authentic Relationships

This unique one-day workshop focuses on the premise that the key to successfully marketing your business and developing long term, loyal customers is to build strong relationships with them. The key resides in establishing robust emotional connections that forge enduring bonds.

The fact is that, while your prospects use their logical brains to consider purchasing one of your products or services, the majority of them use their emotional brains to make the final purchase decision and to ultimately remain loyal to your brand. This remains true whether you are marketing to B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer).

Smart marketers also understand the need to establish strong emotional connections with their brands (Apple and Harley-Davidson are expert at this).

Our one-day workshop helps to better understand the emotional nature of the brain and how to leverage this knowledge to develop a sustainable competitive advantage – creating long term, loyal customers.



  • Building authentic relationships with employees, partners and clients by:
    • Learning the basics of the brain
    • Understanding the importance of emotions in the functioning of the brain
    • Understanding the social nature of the brain and the importance of factors such as status, autonomy and fairness in developing trust
    • Learning how you and others think as a key factor in connecting with internal and external constituents
    • Focusing on whole brain thinking as a skill related to improving communications with others
    • Learning about the importance of visual stimuli in helping you expand your perspectives and talk more authentically with others
  • Using practical tools related to the brain, building trust and storytelling with the goal of building relationships and bonds with employees, partners and clients
  • Relating the above to achieving concrete business objectives and building your business

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to the Brain
    • The emerging field of neuroleadership
    • The brain’s organizing principle
    • The emotional vs. rational brain
    • Our brains are wired to connect
    • The negativity cycle in the brain
    • How the above is relevant to developing trust and relationships and building your business
  • Whole Brain® Thinking
    • The brain & how you lead others, communicate, interact as part of a team, give and receive feedback and listen effectively
    • Relating whole brain thinking to building relationships with employees, partners and clients  by better understanding:
      • Your individual thinking style
      • What you prefer and avoid in your thinking
      • How to become a more effective communicator
    • How to broaden your thinking style (Whole Brain® Thinking)
  • The Key to Developing Relationships: Emotional Connection
    • How emotions are processed in the brain and how this is key in developing and maintaining relationships
    • Understanding how to manage your emotions to better interact with others
    • The missing ingredient in most relationships: trust
    • Building trust, vulnerability and storytelling
    • Points of You™  – A neuroscience-supported tool that uses visual stimuli that will help build relationships with employees, partners and clients
      • Linking Points of You™ to authentic storytelling and trust
      • Listening to each other’s genuine stories
    • The key to effective marketing & selling, developing long term loyal customers, building brands and creating a sustainable competitive advantage – establishing emotional connections
  • Conclusion – Identifying actionable next steps tied into enhancing relationships with your employees, partners and clients – all linked to building your business

Whole Brain® Thinking is a registered trademark of Herrmann Global, LLC
Points of You™ is a registered trademark of Points of You Israel