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Forgiveness: How to Respond to a Hurtful Situation

Holding a grudge is hazardous to your health. And so learning how to forgive is critically important. That is the major premise of an excellent book, Forgive for Good, by Dr. Fred Luskin. Dr. Luskin defines forgiveness as "the feeling of peace that emerges as you take your hurt less personally, take responsibility for how you [...]

Forgiveness: How to Respond to a Hurtful Situation2020-05-28T09:01:45-07:00

Opening Up by Writing it Down

Drs. James Pennebaker and Joshua Smyth have written a brilliant book, Opening Up by Writing it Down. The book references a plethora of research studies that conclude that writing one's thoughts and emotions down (expressive writing or journaling) improves health (mental and physical) and eases emotional pain. It is highly recommended to read this book. [...]

Opening Up by Writing it Down2020-05-05T11:13:10-07:00

Telling Your Story – The Influence of Your Parents

Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned cell biologist, has written a landmark book, The Biology of Belief. Dr. Lipton's ground-breaking research reveals that it is our innermost perceptions and beliefs that impact the blood's neurochemical composition that shape our actions, behaviors and mental and physical health. He writes, "brain cells translate the mind's perceptions (beliefs) of the world [...]

Telling Your Story – The Influence of Your Parents2020-03-28T09:01:42-07:00

Opening Up by Writing it Down

Dr. James Pennebaker and Dr. Joshua Smyth have written a must-read book, Opening Up by Writing it Down. The focus of the book is the psychological and physical benefits of translating thoughts into language and expressing them verbally and in writing. The book makes a persuasive case why keeping thoughts and emotions bottled up is very [...]

Opening Up by Writing it Down2020-02-29T08:32:23-08:00

Infinite Game Winners & Losers

Best-selling author Simon Sinek has written yet another book destined to become a classic. The book is called The Infinite Game and it will change the way you look at your business. Sinek defines finite games as those that are played by known players and have fixed rules, agreed-upon objectives and a point in time when the [...]

Infinite Game Winners & Losers2020-01-31T13:18:10-08:00

Twelve Angry Men – Teams That Don’t Quit

One of the best films of all time is Twelve Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda and a strong support cast. This classic move tells the story of a group of twelve jurors meeting to decide the fate of a boy who allegedly killed his father. On the surface, the boy appears to be guilty. However, when [...]

Twelve Angry Men – Teams That Don’t Quit2019-12-06T08:06:40-08:00

Neuroscience & Employee Engagement

NEUROSCIENCE & EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Daniel Cable, Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School, has written an excellent book, Alive at Work, that explains the neuroscience of helping employees love what they do.  Cable’s research concluded that there is a part of the human brain called the seeking system that “creates the natural impulse to [...]

Neuroscience & Employee Engagement2019-11-28T13:07:09-08:00

Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation

Scott Anthony, Paul Cobban, Rahul Nair and Natalie Painchaud have written a compelling article in the 2019 November/December edition of the Harvard Business Review titled Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation. The authors write "To catalyze innovation, companies have invested billions in internal venture capital, incubators, accelerators and field trips to Silicon Valley. Yet according to [...]

Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation2019-10-31T12:21:34-07:00


Daniel Coyle has written a definitive book, The Culture Code, on how to build a great organizational culture. Based on his research with well-established cultures such as Google, Disney, the Navy SEALS and other organizations in the military, education, business, sports and entertainment sectors, Coyle has concluded that there are three essential skills for creating [...]